Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joshua Tree National Park - California


 April 11, 2014
Joshua Tree - California

Even without GPS we found it!
Emerald Wall

We went to JT in February, and again in March.  February was MY first time.  Jim has been many a time with his friend and oft times climbing partner Steve Smelser.  Steve is a LOCAL at Joshua Tree by virtue of having complete over 1,000 climbs in the valley.  ONE THOUSAND.  That's over a decade worth of travel, work and fun for a guy from Arizona.  That's Steve in the red shirt, helping point us at the right rock.

So I was saying, my first time was just Jim and I passing through the park on a 24 hour get away.  The second time we wanted to get back there so much we talked our youngest daughter (our last one at home) into coming along on her Spring Break.  Of course we brought her boyfriend AND for some reason were roped in to taking them to Disneyland on one of the days.  So YES, we made camp, did some hiking, got up early the next day and went bouldering and more hiking.  Followed the next day by a trip to Anaheim and the Magical Kingdom.

Suffice it to say that Jim and I still were not satisfied having visited JT now twice and done nothing but bouldering.  I wanted to get on TOP of something !!!  So this time we met up with Steve and his wife daughter and son in law, plus BONUS, 2 of their kids/grandkids.  This is ME and Kellen just "talking about things"