Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cryptic and other Classics tick off the Anniversary Weekend in JTree

Happy Anniversary to us.  31 years and still going strong.  This weekend we did a couple of JTree classics, starting with a quick ascent of "Cryptic" on the Headstone Boulder just to remind ourselves where we were.  We are so lucky.  5 hours door to door, brings us to JTree and at our age we can go whenever we want.  Who can stop us ;)

Then for a first time (for us in JTree anyway) we REPEATED a favorite line (Black Tide - aka: Stitcher Quits) just for the FUN OF IT.  I mean it's ALL fun, but we love to tick off the new routes from our worn out guidebook.

Speaking of which by the way, my REAL tick list is on Mountain Project.  That never gets old ;)

Where are the photos ?  That's just it...I'll try to find photos of base camp and our beautiful JTree campground (Jumbo Rock - Mid Week - the BEST) but when it's just the two of us, we get few photos of climbing.

One of us is always on belay and the other climbing.