Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A JT Local from Phoenix is Bomber Protection against being in over your head.

Oh my gosh, I could write a lot here....but for now, let me post these photos of our climbing partner, gym buddy, and JT local from Phoenix.  A Joshua Tree Local by virtue of having done over 1,000 climbs in JT over the past 3 decades, but embellished by this man's ROCK solid memory for all things Rock (and Roll by the way....don't play Name that Tune with him, unless you are very very good) Name a climb.  If he's been there, and likely he has, there will be sincere and excellent "beta" on the route.

We have just returned from a 4 day trip with Steve Smelsser (aforementioned local rock savant) and friends Bill Golightly and Brian Anthony in Joshua Tree National Park.

Here's a sequence of Steve showing everyone how to do The Hobbit Roof 5.10d.