Sunday, November 29, 2015

Long lines in Siberia Slow the Yasmine Effort

Sometimes it's just fun to "call an audible"... grab the gear and go.  We call it an "unsanctioned" trip, and this trip was all about going back to finish an idea whose time had come.  Apparently we weren't the only ones up for a 3 mile ONE way hike that day.  We should have known by the fact that Jim and I (early scouts for camp) stayed on the BLM Playa Thursday night because campgrounds were full. We did the morning prowl on Friday for a campsite.  Which we did with great success by the way ;)  

My panorama of this part of Wonderland North (Siberia) shows only half the teams ON the walls. There are people visable here from Leon Redbone on the far left. Yasmine Bleeth in the center all the way to Weo on the far right. If you zoom in on this image you can see them.  - What you don't see is the group roping up for George's route. Or the ones just finishing up the approach about to get on Gandy, and the rest of our group waiting for someone to rap down from Dos Chi Chis so they could get on. 
Recall last month the Rain and Lightening kept us from hiking to Outer Mongolia and Siberia, where Steve has had a pending date.  That has been pending much longer than these past few weeks.  Some say years. With over 1,000 climbs in J.T. Steve had NEVER been on Yasmine Bleeth (5.9***) and we were bound and determined to make that happen.  Clearly the people in his office were waiting to hear how his "date" went.  Most likely even his wife wanted him to get this out of his system. 

Here's a sequence from Dos Chi Chis
a 3 Star 5.10a classic
So I won't keep you waiting...  He most certainly had his day with the beautiful stone face siren call. 

Unfortunately the route only became available as we were packing up to leave (after 7 hours) and then only because Alfred and Derrick (the Californians) offered their toprope. 

Because I was packed and ready to go (we still had the 3 mile hike in front of us) I only have photos of the route to the right of Yasmine.... Dos Chi Chis .  But that is no less beautiful and satisfying to look at. 

You'll see the traffic when I zoom out....the other pair
 (to his left) are about to do Yasmine Bleeth.  

You can see a party on "George's Route" on the right.
That was busy all day too.

These were taken with an iPhone 6.
With the new moving image feature.
On my phone if you touch and HOLD the image, you get to watch "Dancing with the Stars"

After Steve tops out on pitch one, 
Bill follows trailing a rope for Jim.....
and Jim....trails no rope?
Why? is Bryan not coming up?

Bryan?....oh Hell NO.....
The Command comes from above as Steve drops a rope

and Bryan follows...

This young couple from Kentucky
(who were setting up left of Steve in the photos above)
 descended from the top, in a tandem style rappel.  
That was cool enough on its own....but look closely....they are "Barefooted" !!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all.  

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